Safety Issues: Familiarizing Common Garage Door Problems

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In the 19th century, people associated cars with wealth. However, things drastically changed with Henry Ford. His fight against monopoly made automobiles affordable. This revolution made garages essential because people were looking for a place to store their vehicles safely. 

Garages not only guarantee the safety of our cars, but it also protects us. A faulty garage door allows intruders into our homes. It is why you need to take garage door repair seriously. 

If your garage door is making weird noises, you need to call garage door repair experts. A garage door is a complicated mechanism, and hiring an expert will guarantee that it will work properly for years. It is necessary to be familiar with some of the common garage door problems.


Dead Batteries 

Another common issue is when your door opens or closes but gets stuck in between. It usually happens when the batteries are dead and is the most common issue with today’s garage doors. If you do not have an automatic garage door, you must manually open and close it. If you notice a problem, you should change the batteries as soon as possible.

If you are good with DIY, replacing the batteries can be simple. For those who are not, it is essential to call a garage door repair company immediately. You do not want to leave this issue overnight. 


Broken Pulley or Springs

Garage doors are heavy, and it is no surprise that the pulley or springs are the most common culprits for garage door problems. It is necessary to check the springs and pulleys to make sure that they are not broken.

Since Garage doors are heavy and complex, this issue is best left to expert garage door repair teams. You need to call an expert even if you think you can fix it yourself because it is dangerous to use garage doors that have broken springs. 


Sensor Malfunction

Modern garage doors have sensors that detect if there is an obstacle. If your door is not working correctly, it might mean that the sensors are not working. It is crucial to have them checked by a garage door repair expert.

If you tried following the instructions manual and still the sensors do not work, you need to call an expert immediately. The sensors are essential to the safety of your car or house. 


Locked by Accident It is possible to lock your garage door by accident. You might have pressed the lock button when you meant to push the open button. 

We all make mistakes, and you can easily get locked out if you are not careful. You should call a garage door repair team immediately. They will be able to unlock it safely, and you can go on with your day.



As you can see, many problems can happen to your garage door. It is a good idea to be prepared for these problems by maintaining your door frequently. Likewise, be sure to fix issues as soon as you notice them so that you can avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

One excellent way to prepare is to look for professional garage door repair before anything bad happens. You do not have to look far because you can rely on Garage Door Repair Gresham to take care of your needs. We can fix malfunctioning sensors and other issues. So do not hesitate to call us.

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