The Pros and Cons of Installing Glass Garage Doors

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Garage Door Installation Gresham

Have you been considering installing glass garage doors for your home? Although it’s a common misnomer to call them glass since they are made from aluminum frames with glass inserts, these door types can be aesthetically appealing and functional. However, keep in mind that each glass door differs in terms of glass thickness, breakage resistance, etc. 

Before purchasing them, you need to know a few pros and cons.

Pros of Glass Garage Doors

1 – Design Choices

Want to enhance the exterior of your home and make your property look higher-class? Then you’ll be happy to know that glass garage doors provide just that. With a variety of styles, you can choose from one that suits the look, feel and vibe of your home. For instance, you can go for a transparent one to showcase your car and other items in your garage.

2 – Increased Curb Appeal

Glazed doors are a great way to attract buyers and improve home value. If you plan to sell your house and want to increase its visual appeal, you should consider installing glass garage doors.

3 – Versatility

One advantage of glass garage doors is that they’re great for all homes. Whether you’ve got a colonial-style house, contemporary home, or farmhouse, you’ll be able to find a glass door that matches its design.

Cons of Glass Garage Doors

1 – Cost

Although the cost is comparable to wood doors, you might find it expensive since this type is mainly used to make large openings. For example, replacing your wood doors with glass doors will cost you more due to the additional expenses required to modify your structure.

2 – Maintenance

Unlike wood doors that require little maintenance, glass doors require you to clean them regularly to prevent scratches and dirt buildup. Other than that, you should also ensure that the seals and tracks are in good condition, or you’ll end up with potential issues such as heat loss or air leaks.

3 – Potential Damage

Like any other glass products, glass garage doors are susceptible to scratching and breakage. That’s why you must carefully consider the type of glass you want to install in your entries. To avoid potential damage, order tempered glass. It’s ideal if you’re worried about breakage and scratches, especially for homes with pets.

Things to Look for When Getting Glass Garage Doors

1 – Frame

The frame comes in two types: aluminum and steel. The first one is lighter and easier to install, but it’ll cost you more than the second one.

2 – Locking Systems

A garage door must be equipped with a high-quality locking system so intruders won’t be able to use it. If you intend to install a keyless entry, upgrade your existing hardware to accommodate the installation.

3 – Type of Glass

You might think that all types of glass are the same, but each type has unique features and uses. For example, privacy glass is ideal for preventing burglars from peeping inside your property.

4 – Warranty

This is paramount as glass garage doors are not cheap, and you can’t determine their quality unless you know about their warranty coverage.

Get Professional Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

Before purchasing glass garage doors, review the factors listed above. They’ll give you a clearer picture of the item and help you determine if it suits your needs. And if you need to maintain or repair your garage door, professionals can help.

If you already have glass doors and want to maintain them further, Garage Door Repair Gresham is a company you can trust. We provide garage door repairs and maintenance in Gresham, OR, to prevent accidents, injuries, and unnecessary property damage. Contact us today!

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